Taverne 1909 − signé St-Hubert


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Taverne 1909 − signé St-Hubert: a Quebec Favourite at the Centre Bell

With over 20,000 square feet, Taverne 1909 − signé St-Hubert is your official destination when visiting the Centre Bell.Taverne 1909 is more than just a restaurant. It’s a sensorial experience that goes far beyond sports and food.

Located at 1280 Canadiens-de-Montréal Avenue, 1909 offers you a breathtaking atmosphere. The restaurant is equipped with 65 high-resolution televisions (go ahead, count them!), including Canada’s largest screen, measuring 46 FEET long. Sports fans, this is the ultimate place to cheer on your favourite team.

Our outstanding value is amplified by a menu brimming with the diverse flavours of Quebec. Thanks to the unique partnership with St-Hubert Rotisseries, you can enjoy your favourite St-Hubert dishes, like rotisserie chicken, ribs, and the popular Lunch&Go menu.

In addition, 1909 added the famous Magnan roast beef to the menu. True to the original recipe created with care by Yves and Hubert Magnan, the Taverne Magnan’s beef ribs are aged and seasoned with the original Magnan spice mix to ensure its distinctive taste.

Heading to the Centre Bell? Get ready for the unparalleled experience at Taverne 1909 − signé St-Hubert.

Taverne 1909 is proud to have a dedicated events team that will go above and beyond to create a unique customized experience for your guests.

Our culinary squad meticulously prepares a unique blend of contemporary and classic dishes to fulfill your food desires with passion and dedication.

1909’s ambiance is like no other in Canada and helps foster a truly special environment.

When you book at 1909, the space is yours to personalize, including the use of all 65 HD TV’s and the country’s largest screen, spanning 46 feet.

Get in touch with our team now, and let’s work together to create your event.

Hubert Lallier, Events Director. [email protected]

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